‘To play or not to play?’
Tis a question oft asked by Spiel.

Whether tis gracious to stomp ones foot in celebration or in protest, the result is quite the same … ball bouncing, titty tickling “Rockin Space Blues” of the finest order.

To be certain … engaging with the men of Spiel ensures an experience that is a sense-ational journey. With Spiel at the helm, you will be transported from a state of seductive spinal massage to an ass puckering power shot of adrenaline then back again.

Your guides: Michael Jost with his melodic guitar (weaving then surfing the pounding grooves); Barry Conley and his Out-Of-Control-Atron (drilling holes in your brain while sweetly molesting your colon); Billy Stobo and his drum spieling and vocal dancing (lubricating your libido while straining your unconscious curiosity); Reinhold Schwarzwald¬†and his brass sax (laying in wait to pounce on the tastiest part of a tune); and Guido Bryant with his ‘Thump, Rumble & Glide’ bass spieling (driving this magic machine to destinations unplanned or untamed), will be treating you to a tantalizing free-form sound that seems to carom off mountains and fill clouds with air, yank signals from space to change red-lights to green, and villains to heroes. Then you won’t be stalled in hesitation to answer … SPIEL, please!

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