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Suzy Williams

Suzy Williams, deemed by LA Weekly as “LA’s Diva Deluxe”, has played venues from Carnegie Hall to the Canary Islands with Van Dyke Parks, Buster Poindexter, Marc Shaiman, Nicholas Ray, and the Pilobolus dance troupe, among others.

Bette Midler, Horace Silver, Roosevelt Sykes, Ann Magnuson, Eubie Blake, Odetta, and Hadda Brooks have praised her passionate singing and vibrant energy. Her original songs will leave you laughing, sobbing, or both. Continue reading Suzy Williams

Maestro Aloke Dasgupta

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“The human ear can only hear sounds within a certain range. Beyond that range the universe is full of music that the ear cannot hear. For an Indian musician, one of those goals is to hear that universal song.”
– Maestro Aloke Dasgupta

Aloke Dasgupta entered the world on January 26, 1953 – India’s Republic Day. After studying with the late Binoy Dasgupta starting at the age of eleven, he became the student of Pandeet Jogesh Bannerjee, Professor Shiba Prasad Chakraborty, Smt. Kalyani Roy and finally the renowned master Ustad Ali Akbar Khan.

Erudite and articulated, with a master’s degree in Ethnomusicology from San Diego State University, Aloke made his debut in 1981, at the New York Folk Festival, where he was introduced by composer-performer David Amram. Since then, Maestro Dasgupta has enjoyed a steady journey of success all over the world. He has toured with India’s greatest violin virtuoso Pandit V. G. Jog. Having recorded or performed for Ozzy Osbourne, Mick Jagger, and Gwen Stefani (playing in No Doubt’s album Tragic Kingdom), to name a few, Aloke has become the go-to sitar man for many notable creative pursuits. In fact, he has continually been chosen to perform for Cheap Trick’s “Sgt. Pepper Live!” shows by legendary Beatles sound engineer Geoff Emerick, whose seasoned and precise ear calls for only the best to maintain the musical integrity and spirit of Beatles music. The Maestro played nine times with “Cheap Trick in Hollywood Bowl and 36 shows in Las Vegas.

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Erinn Williams

With a background in opera, Erinn Williams is known for her beautiful melodies and songs that have a delicate, breakable edge to them. Erinn has written and performed music for national commercials such as Virgin Mobile and Coca-Cola. She has written both opera and rock music for independent films such as Mad Song. She has sung opera and her original music around the word in industrial showcases for the Wella Corporation, Sebastian, Matrix, and TIGI Corporations. And she toured extensively with her own music around Europe for 4 years.

Erinn plays electric guitar with delay, and is usually accompanied by a violinist or another guitarist. The only word to describe the live performance is mesmerizing … Williams’ outstanding vocals, strong stage presence, and trademark deadpan humor add charm to a fantastic performance. Continue reading Erinn Williams

Milo Gonzalez

Milo Gonzalez is a guitarist and contortionist from Venice Beach, California. Being a self-taught classical and flamenco style guitarist, and the step-child of the legendary punk rock bass player Chuck Dukowski of Black Flag, Gonzalez’s music derives influence as much from guitar masters such as Paco De Lucia, Vicente Amigo, Andres Segovia, and Leo Brouwer, as it does from modern day heavy rock/metal, and psychedelic music, such as Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Radiohead, and The Mars Volta. Continue reading Milo Gonzalez

Sunny War

“…her right thumb plunks the bass part while her forefinger upstrokes notes and chords, leaving the other three fingers unused. A banjo technique, it’s also used by acoustic blues guitarists. Her fingers are long and strong – Robert Johnson hands – in jarring contrast to the waif they’re attached to. The walking bass line sounds like a hammer striking piano keys in perfect meter, while the fills are dynamic flurries – like cluster bombs. I haven’t heard a young guitarist this dexterous and ass-kicking in eons.” – Michael Simmons, L.A Weekly

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Vinnie & the …

Vinnie and the band (whose name changes each week), formed spontaneously at the Westminster Corridor of Venice, CA. This is an area where some of the most gifted artists and musicians come to grab a cup of coffee and some conversation. The band is a bit of a mutation of the erstwhile Venice Roasters, keeping up their tradition of “roasting” (putting an upbeat, two-step tempo) to classic pop and rock music. Continue reading Vinnie & the …