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The Gumbo Brothers

For the past thirteen years, The Gumbo Brothers have facilitated the musical and cultural traditions of New Orleans to the people of Los Angeles, California. During that time, this 7-piece New Orleans funk band has performed for hundreds of events including the KJAZZ “Hollywood and Highland” concert series, KJAZZ Howard Hughes Center concert series, and the Santa Monica Pier “Twilight Dance Series.” They have traveled as far as Chiang Mai, Thailand to perform for the Lanna World Music Festival and have shared the stage with New Orleans greats like Rebirth Brass Band, Big Sam’s Funky Nation and Leo Nocentelli of The Meters. Continue reading The Gumbo Brothers

Gina Leslie

Born into a bluegrass family, Gina grew up playing music from a young age. Her background in folk and bluegrass fuses with her ravenous appetite of early jazz and western swing standards. You’ll hear her sing raw and soulful covers of anything from Willie Nelson to Billie Holiday.

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‘To play or not to play?’
Tis a question oft asked by Spiel.

Whether tis gracious to stomp ones foot in celebration or in protest, the result is quite the same … ball bouncing, titty tickling “Rockin Space Blues” of the finest order.

To be certain … engaging with the men of Spiel ensures an experience that is a sense-ational journey. With Spiel at the helm, you will be transported from a state of seductive spinal massage to an ass puckering power shot of adrenaline then back again. Continue reading Spiel

The Venice Philharmonic Orchestra

The Venice Philharmonic Orchestra current lineup consists of Michael Jost on electric guitar, Hailey Demian on bass and Andy Kravitz on drums.

The first use of ‘philharmonic’ was in London in 1813. An organisation was founded called the Philharmonic Society. The word ‘philharmonic’ translates to ‘music lover’. The sources I’ve found say this was taken from the French ‘philharmonoque’, but I think it is more likely that the word was taken right from the Greek. Greek is much more fashionable than French – especially if you’re living in London in 1813.

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Golden Buddha

It’s a long story …

They are the originators of the Mantra-Rock sound of the 90’s which has now infused itself into the consciousness of the new millennia.

With Teo Castro on Guitar and Vocals, Billy Stobo on Drums, and Jeffrey Dimmick on Bass, Golden Buddha becomes a mixture of ancient tones and modern sounds, interwoven with funky tribal rhythms and a hard biting edge.

  • The pulsating grooves of the bass are sensual and erotic.
  • The unrelenting drums are thunderous and melodic.
  • The soaring guitars and mystic vocals are penetrating and chaotic.

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Dean is Isaac Irvin (guitar/vocals), Michael Jost (bass) and Kevin Witucki (drums).

Following the 2015 solo EP release, primary songwriter and guitarist Isaac Irvin didn’t give fans any time to lament instead he hit the ground running with his new project DEAN, a harder-edged continuation of his work. Since then Isaac has proven himself quite the frontman, impressing audiences around LA with rollicking performances of tunes like “Walk Away” and “Alive”. He throws in a few classic numbers like “Silverlake” and “holding on to you” for good measure, ensuring fans both old and new get to rock out to their favorite jams.